Q: What Aspect Of Your Marketing Has The Most Impact On Your Sales?

A: You're Reading The Answer Right Now…

“Because You Can't Bore
Your Customers Into Buying…”

You've got your brilliant idea…

You've built your branding, and got your website up with a shiny new design that is sure to do great! BUT…

No one is interested in the title of your main page.

And the first paragraph is a bit of a sleeper…

And you know what?

It turns out that almost NO ONE is bothering to read what's written about your company and products…

Now let me ask you something: How will you increase your sales if you can't get them to read about your product or service?

Marketing Tip: You can't BORE people into buying from you!

Now just to make sure we're on the same page, CopyWriting is NOT the same as getting a CopyRight. That little "W" means we're talking about the writing of any "copy" (text) in your marketing.

So what exactly does marketing copywriting do?

Good copywriting works like the "Jedi Mind Trick" in Star Wars…

How does this work?

Because the writing you use for your marketing is a DIRECT CONNECT with your prospect's mind… And it is continually compelling them to do one thing:

Keep Reading! Why is this so important?

Remember, if they don't read the title, then they're not going to read the first sentence. And what happens if they don't read that first sentence?

That's right. If you lose them at the first sentence, they're never going to get to the bottom where you're trying to sell

And if you're not getting to the sale… Well, what's the point exactly?

Let's start with the basics:

The first thing good Marketing Copywriting will do is build rapport… Let me give you an example…

RIGHT NOW, as you're reading this, my mind is in communication with your mind… directly. Across a huge expanse of space and time, we are sharing the exact same conversation… And in your mind, you can sort of picture me here talking to you… And that image alone creates a connection… a sense of rapport… Here we are, two people with a common experience, talking about the future of your company and how to take it to the next level…

That creates a connection between us. We have a common goal, which is to communicate about your marketing needs, and as you read, you are actually hearing the same words that I'm thinking as I type.

It's like our brains are linked "Spock" style! Creepy… and very powerful…

BUT (there's always a but…)

You can break that connection VERY quickly if you don't know what you're doing.

What if I said "our company has helped millions of Serbian midgets just like you"? You are INSTANTLY GONE. I'm clearly not talking to you anymore…

And everything I just said, as well as everything I'm about to say?

It's all thrown in the garbage.

People make the mistake of thinking of marketing efforts as something that can ONLY add to their sales efforts… It's all positive or neutral… WRONG!

There's a dangerous side to marketing that people often forget about…

If you get your marketing wrong, you may not just fail to sell "something extra" you hoped for…

You may be unconsciously and inadvertently UNSELLING your prospects!

You, your company, and your products are DEFINED by the words you choose and the thoughts that they convey… And your relationship with your customer is shaped by how you go about it.

How much of your customer's buying decision is determined by how they feel about your company and your product?

How much do you think it could be worth to have massive control over your prospect's perspective of your product and it's value?

If there's one piece of advice I'd give, it's that you need to stop burning bridges with prospective customers, and GET HELP with your marketing copywriting.

Whether it's with me or someone else (with a solid track-record), get a marketing copywriter to help you connect with your customer.

For a free consultation, click the link below. You'll hear back from me within 24 hours.

Talk to you soon!

Den Bradshaw

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