Trivia Question:
You are an astronaut…

What is the most important AND most dangerous part of your journey to outer-space?


When your rocket is blasting off for a seven million mile journey,
99% of your energy is spent at LAUNCH

At this crucial point, a lot of things can go wrong:

  • You can expend all your fuel before you leave the pull of gravity…
  • You burn too fast and hot, and explode on the launch pad.
  • You can lift-off successfully, but be pointed in the wrong direction… and even a fraction of a degree miscalculated in the beginning will leave you off by thousands of miles within days…

Breaking free from gravity and getting to your goal require incredible effort, precise coordination, and expert timing…

Most people make the mistake of thinking about the epic journey, and planning for what they will do when they reach their destination… Hopping around the moon, chatting with aliens, maybe a few laser battles…

NEWS FLASH: None of that matters if you never leave the ground!

Launching right is the KEY to a successful venture.

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